STONE BUTCH BLUES // Presented by Focus Features, a Nonetheless Production in association with 11B Productions

Adapted from the iconic novel, Stone Butch Blues follows Jess Goldberg, a blue-collar union organizer and gender rebel, as she comes of age in the gritty industrial factories and rollicking bars of Buffalo New York in the 1960s. In a landscape fraught with extreme violence and economic depression, can Jess survive and become the gender and union activist she is destined to be or will the life of a “he-she” prove too much to bear?


Amid the punk ethics of 1990’s identity politics, trans activists Leslie Feinberg and Riki Anne Wilchins spearhead a movement to protest the trans-exclusionary policy of a women’s music festival in CAMP TRANS.

We've Been Around is a series of short films celebrating the lives of just a few transgender pioneers throughout history. 

SOLEDAD // Outfest Screenwriting Lab 2014 // Unproduced

Jackie and Ana Reyes have two young sons and own a local bakery in the small California town of Soledad. When Jackie is taken away by immigration officials, Ana must go on a nightmarish mission through detention centers to get her back – but a secret that Ana has been harboring for years may ruin any chance she has of keeping her family together.